Welcome to Gagged Girls

Gagged Girls brings you the best in strict bondage combined with mouth filling gags. We believe in the beauty of bound women and the expressiveness that only real gags can create.

Nothing else has quite the same effect as tightly gagging a beautiful woman. Without her voice, her whole body becomes more expressive and her eyes tell the story her words no longer can.

We work with both top bondage models and brand new amateurs to bring you a mix of the very best bondage images and fetish videos.

We love putting cute girls in strict bondage and watching them struggle and squirm helplessly.

Our philosophy is simple: We love bondage and we love gags. We use cuffs, shackles, handcuffs, rope, tape, leather, straitjackets and anything else we can find to create a space for our models to truly feel and explore helplessness and the beauty that comes from really struggling in their restraints.

We believe the best bondage is real and the best gags are the ones that truly make our girls feel helpless, vulnerable, and like a true "damsel in distress."

Hogtied and Gagged


Amo and Edie find themselves bound and squirming on the floor, each in a Japanese rope bondage hogtie. To make…